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11 May 2010


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Wordsworth is worth a word! :)

That is one of the coolest stamps I have ever seen!

What a nice post, Dani, and what a nice thing to do. I miss you all. One of the nice things about Rubber Soul is the people who work there.

What a great sentiment-and a way to honor your customers!!! I love your stamps and someday hope to visit the store. You Are Beautiful Rubber Soul!!!

gosh, can you say roadtrip?!

Thank you for having the giveaway! I'd love to win :)

would love to win :)

Well, let's just see how "easy peasy" it is to win. (If it were THAT easy, this e-mail would be coming to you from my pink lap-top on a beach in Hawaii!) Please put me in the drawing; I'm tired of being a loser.

no, YOU are beautiful.

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Battle Ground, Washington... far, far away from Poulsbo, but connected through the magic of technology. Sending your beautiful greetings back at you with thanks for such fabulous products!

What a nice, caring and thoughtful thing you are doing for your customers! Spreading the love! Thanks! I love Rubber Soul!

thank you for this awesome giveaway!

I've never been to your store. I wish I lived closer because I think I would really like to visit. Thanks the the chance o win such a yummy prize.

Thanks for making me feel beautiful today!

I love your stamps and papers and am
happy you are still in business! Thanks for
your products and this fun giveaway.

How fun. It's always nice to be appreciated.
I know that I always appreciate the friendly greeting & great customer service I receive when I make it over your way.

Thanks!! I appreciate you as well and particularly love the great selection of quotes you offer!

What a nice gesture. I love stamping and the people who stamp. When I attended the Adventures in Stamping convention in April, I was, again, overwhelmed by the sisterhood and friendship exhibited by stampers. What is it with us??? We are all related by the "rubber soul" within each of us, and you are obviously helping to lead the way. Thanks so much. ;-)

I love your store and think that each one of you in the store are beautiful, smart, helpful and encouraging! Thank you!!

Thank you for the cheerful email. Gives a person such warm feelings. Makes me want to come for a along visit in your shop. I could use some inspiration and advice. Hope to see you soon. Thank you again.

You are always so wonderful to your customers! Thank you for the giveaway and the lovely comments - always uplifting to hear such good things!

Thank you! This post couldn't have come at a better time, because I was really feeling down... but, I am beautiful!!

What a great contest. I hope to get in the store sometime soon. It's worth the trip. Thanks for your generosity.

Thank you, Dani, for those expressions from your heart. You have a way of making everyone feel special who comes into your store. I do hope you know how very beautiful you are, too

What fun to check my email and see the words...You Are Beautiful...made me smile...thank you so much. Hope your feeling beautiful and enjoying this lovely day!

I miss you guys! I have been temporary working in Omaha, NE and I miss just being able to stop by on my lunch to check things out. I will be home during the next holiday, so I will be in to say hello and I am sure I will find something I just can't live without!

I just love shopping at Rubber Soul! You have such an awesome selection.

What a lovely upbeat message! I love your stamps and wish you well.

How nice to feel appreciated! Wish Rubber soul were closer to Olympia. I love your line of stamps and all the wonderful inspiration on the blog and in the store when I've been able to make the drive up. Keep up the good work creating and inspiring!

I love your stamps and wish I lived closer. What a great giveaway and what a great stamp. You ar Beautiful, everyone is beautiful. :)

Well, Rubber Soul, Poulsbo was where it all
started for me! Yes, and I became addicted!! It was well over 10 years ago, and I am so glad that you have hung in there
- its a lovely outing for me, travelling from Sequim, to Poulsbo for rubber stamps
and Boehms chocolates! What a way to go!
Good luck and Best Wishes for another decade or two.

I really like your style, especially the Wordsworth stamps...Wish I could own them all!! Keep up the great work, beautiful you!

Cool giveaway - You are sooooo beautiful to me la la la ....

Just ignore me.... heheh

Thank YOU!!! If the Rubber Soul store was near me, I'd be hanging out there all the time :) !!! Hope you're around for many more years.

I sure miss your store in Redmond, but hope to make a fun day trip sometime to Poulsbo. Glad to hear you are doing well. I love your rubber stamps and design inspirations. Thank you for the chance to enter your contest.

Rubber Soul stamps are beautiful! I plan on making the trip to your store when we visit Seattle. Thanks for the chance to enter your contest

Really miss the Redmond store. Please come back to the eastside! The contest sounds fun.

I was so excited to find such a great stamp, etc. store nearby. I visit often and love this place! Thanks for providing us with awesome stamps to pass on some beauty to those special to us!

Thanks for your sweet email! I love Rubber Soul and Wordsworth stamps! I live in the Midwest, but my dream trip is one to Washington state! Until then, there is the internet!

i always love a great giveaway!

I'd love to visit your store but alas, I live on the other side of forever. Guess I'll just have to shop online. I feel the need for a new little stamp. Excuse me while I shop....

Thank you for the lovely thoughts. It's nice to be appreciated. .

Thanks for all the great tips and ideas.

Gotta love a giveaway! Thanks for al the great tips and ideas. [email protected]

Sometimes I come to Poulsbo just to visit your store. I am always inspired, and love the organization of all the stuff I want to own. :D
Just a reminder, Western WA Quilt Shop Hop is June 23-27 so maybe you can talk to Heirloom Quilts and catch some more crafty costomers (or offer a special for shop hoppers who will want to visit your shop too)... like me ;)

You make it so easy for us to want to be in your store! Your displays, fun ideas, creativity and personalized help is out of this world. I am the birthday girl that came with friends on my 40th birthday Amazing Race celebrations in January. Your store was picked as one of our stops because it is one of my favorites!!! Thanks! Keep up the good work :-)

[email protected]

What a wonderful way to show your customers that you love them and that your store and YOU are really beautiful from the inside out! :) Love Poulsbo but don't get over there very often :( I did shop in Redmond when that store was open!!

Amongst all my e-mail junk was this fabulous header, "You are beautiful." Wow! Talk about a nice e-mail! Thank you Rubber Soul!

Dani and Fred...what you do...day in and day out...bringing creativity and inspiration to our lives is such a blessing. From one rubber soul to another. We love you! Thanks for always aspiring to new and innovative ideas.

What a beautiful thought. I come to Paulsbo once a year when my son gets home from deployment. It is the first place I hit when I come into town. Your stamps are amazing and I have never had anyone in the store NOT be able to give me ideas, even though I don't take any classes. 3000 miles is a long way to go just for the best stamps in the country, but for me it is worth the trip.

You are Beautiful...the store is fabulous! We're the couple who come up each year on our ANNIVERSARY from Des Moines, WA. We stay at Clearwater Resort and DO NOT leave Poulsbo without a visit to Rubber Soul! I love my online orders, too. Thanks to Dani and Fred for all their kindness and help. I found Clear Stamps thanks to Dani! Can't live without 'em now! Blessings to all of you, and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

How lovely!

Visiting your store, I was like a kid in a candy shop - exactly like that.

I almost deleted the email from you, but the header drew me in "You are beautiful." What a nice thing to hear first thing in the morning. I love your stamps and love your shop, they're just the best.

Thank you for carrying some great and wonderful merchandise. I love your products. It takes more than just the customers to make a business succesful. You made it for us to come back so cheerfully also.

Your store is on my list of places to visit when I come up there in June to visit my kids. We used to go to the store often but moved to the south to retire and I so miss the northwest! Can't wait to see the store as it is always like stepping into Wonderland with all the wonderful samples and the variety of supplies is such a treat! See you soon!

Thanks for making your customer feel very special this month! I think you are a special shop too!

I live in the midwest so I have not had the opportunity to visit your wonderful store but from all the gracious comments I sure wish I could. I have visited your online store and purchased a few sets that are some of my favorites. It is so refreshing to hear of a store/business that is doing well. I know I do my part to support our local stamp stores (although I'm sure my hubby would rather I didn't). Thanks for sharing your wonderful products and inspiration.

I absolutely LOVE your store. I live in Gig Harbor and I csn honestly say your store is well worth the drive. The diversity of stamps and supplies you carry is amazing. Plus you offer them at a reasonable and fair price. It is much more intimate then a big box store and the selection you offer is much more dynamic.

Our Silverdale Guild in support of Seattle Children's Hospital had such a great time making valentines with Danni!! It brightens the children's spirits. You have been so kind to work with us, we truly appreciated it and look forward to doing it again next January. You're the best!!

Rubber Soul stamps are some of my very favorites! This is such a nice gesture on your part to offer a wonderful prize that we would all LOVE to win!!

Thank you for the great giveaway and the reminder that I need to come and visit you so I may feed my stamp addiction!!

Cute stamp and generous giveaway! I've signed up for your mailing list too.


Dani, you inspired me with your "You are Beautiful" finds~


I found your website searching for card galleries.

We as a society do not tell others they are beautiful. Excellent post. Cute stamps.
[email protected]

Found your great store last summer while on vacation.Sure wish I lived closer as there is only have one scrapbooking store within 50 miles of me.Guess I'll just have to plan a vacation to Poulsbo frequently. LOL

Only visited you online, bot love it. Thanks for sharing.
homemamaoftwo (at) hotmail (dot) com.
thank YOU!

Love to visit your shop in Poulsbo when I have a chance - it's always bright and cheerful and full of inspiration and creativity. Thanks for being there for all of us!

So many of my favorite stamp and paper stores have closed over the past few years - so glad you are still there! Thanks for everything!

Great Post!

[email protected]

I Still miss your Redmond Store tremendously. Sure wish you were still in the area.

might have to drive up to Washington to play!


so sweet! How have i missed the blog in the past?? Was in town friday, but it was early, before hours...peeked in the window though! :)

Thank you very much for your thoughtful and generous efforts to show your appreciation for your customers! I love your store, and though I don't get in there as often as I would like (due to extensive driving distance) every time I do come in, I am impressed with the beauty of your creations and look forward to my next visit.

i think that new stamp , you are beautiful is just wonderful cuz it would be nice to see on a card.

You are Beautiful!
Thank you for the button. I love it. You inspire me every time I step into your store. Thanks for being you.
Love ya,

I was traveling in the Seattle area last year and as we toured past I spotted your store. I had to stop! What a delight to enter your cozy shop, peruse your wonderful array of stamps (during my 20 min allotted shopping time!)and make my unique purchases. Later last year I ordered some 'name' stamps from you on-line (since I live in the Chicago area). I always find your service to be fast and accurate - and there is also a sweet little 'goodie' enclosed with my order. You epitomize customer service! Hope to return one day in person :)

Thanks for having a drawing- love your products!!

Love your sight, love your stamps, and love this idea;)
Thank you,
stephanie romero

I have loved Rubber Soul from day one. I think it is responsible for openning a creative door for me that has changed my world. Love you Dani, thanks for the continued inspiration and support! Thank you for the fun button.

I love this great stamp store right in the heart of lovely Poulsbo. I live in woodinville and we have a place near sequim. i love to come over to the peninsula and occasionally take stamp classes at the "soul" cant wait til we move over to the peninsula.
Tracy M

wish your store were still up here :(

YOU are the ones who are beautiful. Thank you for you.

Love your store!

I've really enjoyed meeting your customers through your blog posts this month. I wish I were in the area, you'd be seeing me a lot! Love your super cute stamps. Keep doing what you're doing!

This contest is a wonderful idea. Thanks for your generosity. Hope your Memorial weekend is great.

I was in your wonderful shop 5 years ago and am planning on coming in soon when I am back in the area - can't wait! I was happy to find you now have a website and a lovely one at that. Yay

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