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President of a fun rubber stamp company


On many occasions over the last few years I've had friends tell me I should be writing a blog, a book, something to document the "you wouldn't believe this if it wasn't true" events that were shaping my life. Why would anyone read it, I would think. Granted, there were plenty of moments that make for great humor now (what was it Annabelle Gurwitch said in the movie "Fired!" - Pain + Time = Humor ? - well, you get the idea). And yes, it seemed almost weekly that another bizzarro episode would occur. Some really painful stuff, but no different - if not loads better - than a lot of other people who may not have a tribe of stellar friends and family keeping them sound, and occasionally pointing out the tragic/hysterical irony in said situations. Now life is smoothing out, feels simple, normal really, and I'm experiencing almost a sense of paralysis - a sort of homeostasis - by not existing in a footing of fight-or-flight. So, the irony that I am being pressured by my business peers to start a blog NOW doesn't escape me. Again, who would read it, especially now that I'm so BORING?

Oh, but then this really isn't ALL about me, is it? My friend Dave Brethauer filled me in a bit on the world of blogs, and when it comes to a blog tied in with business, he said I should make a sort of stew of the whole thing - the work, the art, what I'm defrosting for dinner. Hmmmm......not so sure about all of this, but here goes.

So, ciao to illness, death, hospitals, veterinarians, floods, broken hearts and loan agents for awhile. I'm coming out of the dark, breakin' out my Mini-Me, and bringing on the simple life that has been here all along......that of good, clean, fun.